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April 15th, 2011 at 6:26 pm

Feeder Sites Galore for Backlink and Traffic Building

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For the three years I have been doing internet marketing, I have been building blogs and satellite sites to build backlinks and traffic. I call them satellite sites whereas some people call them feeder sites. Early on I learned about linkwheels and began to use them for my sites.

Feeder sites are remotely hosted websites, housed by third party service providers who offer a place for people to create webpages, develop blogs, and share their article content. Popular places to build feeder sites are Squidoo, Hubpages,, and When these feeder sites are built on multi user sites like Squidoo and Hubpages, they are deemed to be authority sites by the search engines so you benefit from the “authority connection” you are given when you submit content that includes a link back to your site.

When I develop a site for the first time–usually it is a blog–after I do the keyword research and select the keywords for which I want to rank, I order my articles. At least one article for each of the keywords is written so that I will have a unique article to use. After I receive the unique article and do my thing to it–I usually end up editing them extensively–I put the article through a spinner so I will end up with enough articles to use on my feeder sites. I also check the articles manually to make sure that they can stand alone as a unique article.

Fortunately, one of my outsourcers is very good at building feeder sites so he gets the task to do so. You should see the spreadsheet that has all of the feeder sites listed. It is huge. For each money site blog, there are six feeder sites. Taking care of all of these sites is like having a ten acre garden just to produce vegetables for your home. Feeding and watering them is quite a task.

Some of these satellite sites are as nice as any blog you could find. The multi-user blog platforms like weebly, zimbio, blinkweb, vox, wetpaint and others have all been upgrading. When you build a blog there now, they have really nice templates and for a nominal yearly fee you can upgrade so that you have a lot of choice as to site design. As a result, your satellite blog looks as good as your money blog.

It is one of my monthly tasks to have someone tend this garden and so the backinks and traffic that they generate continue. A part of this feeder strategy is that you have to social bookmark, submit rss to aggregators, and ping their feeds. For Squidoo and Hubpage, it is a good idea to visit the sites of others and make comments so that they will come and comment on yours. If you do this, their effectiveness increases. The other multi-user blogs have a set up that is similar and you also can visit other sites in your niche and comment. It is also a good idea to do article marketing and put links on them to your feeder sites. There is a whole strategy how to optimize this work.

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April 1st, 2011 at 2:49 pm

Too Many Projects–Too Little Success

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Recently, there was an email by Gabor Olah who talked about the reason why many people do not achieve success. When I read it, I knew he really spoke the truth and knew about what he was talking. It is always good to hear that other people struggle with the same problem that confronts you.

Here is what Gabor said:

“I find that many marketers have too many projects running at the same time. If you are serious about getting a website ranking in the search engines, you should focus a lot of time on that one site.

If you are trying to rank six domains at one time, then you better have plenty of time or help to promote these sites.

It is not as easy to rank a new website as it was five years ago, so you will want to spend your time building links to your sites.”

Now isn’t that so true. My to do lists are so long. Projects do get finished; however.

Recently, I read somewhere else–maybe in someone’s post–that multitasking is not always a good thing. Taking it a project at a time and completing each one before you begin the other is considered a much better way to do business.

Now a personal note. I have always liked having multiple tasks for a number of reasons.

1. When using outsourcers, you sometimes end up waiting for some task to be done by them. While you are waiting, you can be working on something else. That way no time is wasted.

2. It keeps me from getting bored. Having several projects is very stimulating and that actually makes me enjoy what I am doing even more.

3. It can have its efficiencies. In delegating, you have a number of tasks taking place at the same time, and there is little downtime.

And, here is the big plus–you do complete more projects in less time if you work it right. You just work so hard.

You know what the saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, maybe that applies to me. Doing my work a project at a time would be so difficult. What about you? Could you do it?

Here is an ebook that you can download that contains some good tips to help your business achieve success.
Just follow the link.

Best Business Blog Tips

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March 22nd, 2011 at 6:18 pm

Making Videos Work for Driving Traffic

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Have I told you before that I am a shopper? I have tried so many of the video making software programs trying to find one that was easy to use and produced nice videos without too much effort. The reason behind trying the various software programs is that I wanted to be able to outsource the videos to one of my outsourcers. Fortunately Eric is very talented and creative and makes great videos when supervised; but unfortunately, he does not write English well, and you have to make sure that there are no blatant errors.

The video program that won is Article Video Robot. One of its features is that you can also select computerized voices to do the voice. In the end the videos produced are nice–not great–but not bad. The only thing that makes them better is if you do voice-overs and do not use the computerized voices. Eric’s great images and clever manipulations makes them a lot of fun to watch. He can make them rather quickly and efficiently too. I just send him the article I want him to use as a script.

Now here is the bad news. Several people have told me that their AVR videos do not generate much traffic. That is also my experience. Simple easy little videos just do not attract attention.

After attending several meetings with the Traffic Geyser folks who said that it is very important to make outstanding videos that are funny, provocative in some way, or demonstrate something of great interest. Videos made from articles just do not generate traffic the way you would wish.

Thinking about how to make this type of eye catching video brought me back to Camtasia and making my own videos. Recently I took the time to become very proficient in using Camtasia and editing to make the videos very professional. It really is an over the top program that does an outstanding job. There is a bit of a learning curve, but you can start producing very nice videos rather quickly. There is this problem of not having Eric’s help.

One of the steps that I have taken is to have someone make the powerpoint slides for me. That way I can just jazz them up and do the voice-over without having to create the slides first. I do a quick run through so that I am fluent when I record.

If I am not too fussy, I usually do not have to edit them. Of course, there are times when I do want to insert other images and some transitions along with music to enhance the audio. It is true that these videos get much more traffic than the simple little ones.

Using the flip camera is also a good way to create some video that can be funny and perhaps more attention getting. I take it everywhere I go and have caught people doing some pretty funny things. They have more chance of going viral.

There are a number of ways that I have recently learned to pull more traffic from You Tube and some of the other video sites. That would be a whole post in itself so I will save that for another time. I can’t wait to tell you about some great tools I have found.

But until then, let me encourage you to download this special report that I would like to share with you. It has 21 website traffic strategies that are really good and can help you get more traffic to your website. Just click on this link and download the free report.

Website Traffic Strategies

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March 16th, 2011 at 8:06 am

Are Webinars Worthwhile as an IM Learning Tool?

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Taking time to attend webinars can impact your time management. Lately, attending webinars has been the latest challenge to my schedule. It really makes you question how valuable they are and if they are worthwhile because they can be such a time hog.

As you probably know, more marketers are hosting webinars and they have become a current trend. In the past, webinars came along every now and then and attending them wasn’t a problem. It was my custom to attend at least once a week. It was a great way to connect to other marketers and get a chance to hear from someone new. Even though it was seldom a two way discussion, you left feeling that you had gotten to know them as a person rather than just a name in an email.

My purpose for attending webinars was to find some interesting hints or marketing tidbits that I would not have access to otherwise. Many times, an experienced marketer would share some personal experiences with methods that they had tried that either worked or not. When you leave a webinar with a juicy pearl of wisdom, then you always feel as if the time you spend listening is not wasted. One pearl makes the time you take a valuable experience. You know going in that there never is a guarantee that the webinar is going to be one of those.

When I look back and evaluate more experience with webinars in the past, I would say that, more often then not, I would leave feeling positive about my experience. There would be something I had heard that made me feel as if they were worthwhile. Sometimes, there would be a product and sometimes not. Many times the webinar would be related to coaching.

Lately, more internet marketers are using them to make money by selling products. In fact, there are too types of webinars–informational and sales pitch. It is true that many webinars are a bit of both. The more informational they are the better. Gurus like Keith Baxter make a point to say that his guest has agreed to make it primarily informational in order to get the privilege to promote the product they are selling.

Learning about new products can also be very helpful. There is nothing like finding a truly useful piece of software. Personally I do not like to refund and until recently, I never did. I fool myself into thinking that I can discriminate between a good sales pitch and a good product. The problem with that is not with what is said—but what is not said. There have been products that sound great until you try to fit them into your strategy. Sometimes they just do not work for you. I always feel massively guilty, but I refund when that happens.

O.K., I am taking the leap. Webinars are a good thing. I sit with my earphones on to listen—-and I do other work at the same time. That way I do not lose the whole hour or two if the webinar has no pearls. If it turns out to be a particularly juicy webinar, then I pay full attention and get all the benefit from the information.

Although most webinars are recorded and you have an opportunity to listen to them when you can schedule time for them, I find it hard to make time. That is why I usually listen when they are scheduled. If I want to hear something again, then I listen to the recording.

There is the practice of playing recorded webinars. Most of the time, I try to get in on the webinar when it is given for the first time. That way you can ask questions and participate. Of course, on most of the playbacks, the person giving the webinar will answer questions at the end during the Q & A. So you still have an opportunity to interact. There are times when you won’t know that it is the recording you are listening to until you hear a few slips. The speaker addresses “Keith” when you are on “Brian’s” webinar. Dead giveaway.

Recently, my mentor gave me a lesson on how to use recorded webinars. It was interesting. I am not quite ready to give webinars just yet. There will come a time. I do not doubt it. At least, I have heard enough faux pas committed on webinars that I won’t be upset if I make one. Apparently, some of the web conferencing services are not that user friendly. If someone is going to make a mistake, it will be me. At least until I become comfortable with it.

Yes, go to webinars. Most of the time, they are so worth it. Just hide your credit card!

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March 12th, 2011 at 9:36 am

Time Management Tornado in Internet Marketing

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Think IM

This is a topic where I almost do not know where to start. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I have to do to move my internet business along.

Just yesterday I watched a video by Liz Tomey where she gives tips on how you keep your focus and keep yourself on track. Her suggestion is to only work on tasks that are directly related to making money. Make a list consisting of one hour blocks of time with these money related tasks. She continued by saying that you should make sure that when you were working during those one hour blocks that you have no distractions. She even says get a babysitter for your kids if they are a problem. Of course, she quickly hastens to say that no one watches her kids but her. Anyway the idea is that you completely focus on what you are doing. Liz guarantees that by following this routine that you will move toward successful money making.

Now I can tell you from my own experience that one hour blocks do not work for me. And here is another thing. I like one block for learning something new or organizing to make the rest of the tasks go smoother. Another successful marketer named Robert Plank says he uses 4 daily two-hour blocks of time. What Robert does is to try to work only 8 hours a day so he can spend time with his family. Again he says focus and make sure you have undisturbed time. He says that this works for him.

There is one thing I can say for sure. Planning what you are going to do is far better than no planning at all. I am the queen of to do lists and action plans. You definitely will get more done and more projects finished. I admit that your days will often take off on their own and you do not follow your plan at all. Yes, and another thing, I confess I am a workaholic and stay on task like my life depends on my completing a project. But, I do not mind telling you that this internet marketing thing has challenged me to the hilt. Every night before I quit for the day, I set out what I need to do the next day. Sometimes I have more tasks than I have day. That is when prioritizing comes in. What tasks are more important to get accomplished first? Yes, and I use the Google calendar to chart events that have to be repeated for my websites. Laying it all out will make you realize how much you should be doing. You won’t skip steps like social bookmarking, pinging, making rss feeds etc.

O.K. everyone says outsource. I discovered that even outsourcing requires that you plan the tasks you want your helpers to do and you have to communicate with them regularly. All of that takes time. Depending on the difficulty of the task you have them doing, it may take quite a bit of your time getting them through their execution portion. Sometimes you have to look at the hours they put into the task that you might have had to put in to rationalize why it was worth your hours of supervising. Outsourcing at times seems to make more work–and supervising is hard to schedule.

Recently, I was very fortunate to spend two days with my mentor who is a 7 figure marketer. He has quite a few people working for him in an office that he has established for them. In addition to his in-office employees who are full time, he has workers not on site doing article marketing, software designing, etc. Now he spends some bucks maintaining that situation, but he accomplishes a lot every week. He knows he has people who he can depend on and most importantly delegate too. For me that would be the perfect situation—-but who wants that kind of overhead and that kind of pressure. Right now he is loving every minute of it. At least I get to see how that half lives.

Here is an example of how my time gets away from me. I joined Traffic Geyser to distribute videos. There was a learning curve to using it. The Traffic Geyser guys have been saying that the videos made by a service called Article Video Robot do not get any traffic. I hope I am quoting them correctly, but the groups said only good videos really do well. So I bought a set of videos called Camtasia Cash that is super fabulous that teaches how to use every feature of Camtasia. There was something like 22 hours of video to watch, but I did it by devoting about 90 minutes a day to watching them. I was competent, but really needed to feel more comfortable using that tool.

In addition, I decided to master the art of Powerpoint. I thought I knew how to use ppt but Microsoft Office 2007 is totally different so I had to learn how to use it again. All the terminology and the task bar had been totally changed. Anyway, I spent several hours figuring out how to import templates and use flash animation on the slides. Like I said, I am like a dog with a bone. You see where this is all going. Now I know how to use Camtasia like a pro and I have powerpoint making down so I am ready to make super-fantastic videos to distribute.

Now to get my assembly line going, let me talk about using outsourcing. My article marketing lady is going to convert some of the articles into powerpoint slides for me. She is breaking the documents down into slides. So my plan is to just be able to take the slides she prepares, redo them on the templates, and convert them to super fantastic videos that get traffic. For a while, I am going to do the voiceovers.

Can you see how much time this all took? Try scheduling all of that in. Everyday, I will have to schedule a 2-hour block to do videos. Hopefully, that will give me time to get at least 2 done. Unfortunately, you just have so many two hour blocks. Of course, all of the other tasks continue.

Basically what I need is a day stretcher. Do you see why I am so confused—and frustrated?

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March 9th, 2011 at 8:45 pm

A Magic Wand for Backlinking

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Think IM

Backlinking is so important to the success of a website. It is absolutely necessary to build backlinks to get your site in the indexed position you want it to have. Most people when they do their keyword research know going in that they have competition for that keyword and yet they still want it to appear in the top three positions on that page in Google search results. Surely they know that it is going to take some work to get there.

Or do they? My experience in a number of forums lately make me think that people really just want to wave a magic wand and have all of the backlinks appear. If you buy one service that promises to land you on the first page of Google, is that all you have to do? The more you pay for the service the more powerful it is suppose to be. Does this sound cynical? I have heard too many times lately people saying that they are getting a refund when that magic did not occur after a few days or maybe a week or two.

They just do not get that building the backlinks takes work. You get backlinks from a lot of your traffic efforts too. They do not realize that backlinking and traffic building can go hand in hand. Article marketing builds backlinks (or it did) along with social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting, etc. They also build traffic to your website.

In fact the idea behind your backlinking strategy should be to build them in a normal pattern and have variety in the kinds of backlinks you have pointing to your site. Even a certain percentage of “nofollow” backlinks can help. Don’t ignore search engine optimization as well. SEO is so important to your success here.

The powerful services that build a lot of backlinks for you help too. Sooner or later you might hear that some of the automated backlink building doesn’t work as well as backlinks built manually. That is not to say that you should not use them. Give them a try. You might benefit in two ways–gain experience with them and actually get some good backlinks. Don’t just take someone else’s word. Try them out.

Learning some of these lessons can be difficult. The answer is not to give up. Anything worthwhile takes work. You are not going to fill your bank accounts by using magic wands.

To learn more about backlink building, please visit Backlink Building and download that great ebook so you can learn the best tactics to use.

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March 8th, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Outsourcing–a Necessary Tool in Internet Marketing

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When I first started internet marketing, my idea was this little nice business where I worked a few hours a day at the computer producing websites and products on the internet. That is before I discovered that there was market research, keyword research, website design, graphic design, sales funnels with their sales pages and thank you pages, checkout systems, tracking, backlinking and SEO, and maybe the most important of them all driving traffic.

Now multiply this by how many products you want to develop and how many websites you manage. This is the reason you need to outsource. Of course, I am telling this from my point of view and my experience. When I first decided that I had to outsource, I was nervous about it. You know how it feels when you have never done something before.

One night I was on a webinar and one of the guys mentioned that he was outsourcing in the Philippines. I quickly got his skype contact so I could talk to him. He said he would help me get started finding someone for me. He gave me some hints about what to say and do. Then as we were on the chat, he placed a Craigs list ad. We were going to each hire someone.

Like I turned on the faucet, the resumes started pouring in. We started interviewing and asking for information about the workers we liked. Before we knew it, we had hired our workers. But that is the easy part. Getting them trained and working with them daily until they knew what to do was the hard thing. It takes time and patience.

Well, easy come and easy go. One of the things you will have to learn is that the turnover is sometimes an issue. The workers are mostly young and sometimes they get easily distracted. When you find someone who sticks with you, it is great—but until then it requires some patience.

There are some people who prefer to hire from odesk, elance, rentacoder, etc. when they need help on a per job basis. That works for some projects and I have had good luck doing that. There are just so many tasks that are ongoing and it helps to train someone and then you know they can work on autopilot with just a little supervision.

It was one night on a webinar when I heard John Jonas of Replace Myself. Many people love and swear by his service. John said you want to hire a full time employee. He said it was better because they were loyal and worked hard for you. I decided to try his service for a while. He also has it set up to train them for you. I found that I liked to train my own employees better so I set up a training site where I put videos explaining to them how and what I wanted them to do in social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting, etc. I also had pdfs that they could download with instructions in detail. I found that worked much better for me and it was specific to my tasks.

Other than warning you about the normal difficulties that we all go through with outsourcing, I cannot stress enough how important it is for your business to do it. When you need extra hands for the repetitive tasks, it pays to have someone do it for you freeing you up to do the tasks only you can do.

Please follow this link and visit this blog I set up on outsourcing–Outsourcing

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January 17th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Internet Marketing with Facebook

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Think IM

This story is all about how wrong I can be. My eldest daughter is an avid Facebook fan and spends quite a bit of time on it chatting with her friends. She always keeps it updated with what she has going on. Her photo album is fantastic. Needless to say, she has a lot of friends and more requests come in every day. After her high school reunion, a lot of friends began to use Facebook to reconnect and keep up with each other’s comings and goings. She loves knowing what everyone is doing, who married whom, and who is getting a divorce, etc. We tease her about how much time she spends on Facebook.

Let me tell you why I am telling you all of this. Recently, she started selling a new product. I suggested she make a fan page for the business. After about 20 to 30 minutes, she had built a terrific fan page promoting her new products. She told her friends about her fan page and just that quick everyone was liking it. You would not believe how quickly requests for more information and orders for her product started rolling in.

Isn’t that a great example of how using a Facebook fan page is suppose to work? It could not have been any easier for her to do it. I am taking back my scolding her for spending so much time on Facebook. Now I am taking a look at my Facebook usage and how I can use it more effectively to promote my internet marketing business. Of course, one obvious point stood out to me. Her Facebook friends are really friends and not business associates as many of mine are. Should I be doing something different? What about you?

Also, we talked about placing a classified ad to promote the product. The cost involved for an ad was very reasonable and would be so easy to do. It would really make a different in her sales. Would it make a difference to yours? It can be for any site on the internet that advertises their business.

Facebook is one of the most efficient business networks available to you which helps people in discovering new channels to promote their business. This well-liked social network site has more than 200 million people addicted to it. It stood as the second largest website on the internet. Reasonably, it is a networking hub which has found support from all over the world. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make it a part of your business strategy? Would you like to find out more information about using Facebook classified ads?

Click on the following link and download a free report that contains more information about Facebook Advertising and how to use it effectively.

How to Use Facebook Ads

If my computer–phobic daughter can use it so successfully, why can’t you?

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September 14th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

What About List Building?

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Think IM

The idea of building a list is so important to your ability to make money as an internet marketer. Some wonder when they first enter the business why they cannot just build websites, write some copy and collect their profits. Why is it so vital that you consider building a list?

By building a list, you are ensuring future income because you will have a great database of people who are interested in your product or service. You can continually keep in touch and build rapport with a group of people who want to hear your message. They are also a list of potential customers for any product you may decide to sell.

Because this all made such good sense to me, I set about building my list. Of course, I heard many successful internet marketers brag about having lists that were in the 10′s of thousands. So I concluded that
it really must not be that hard. I set about doing what I was told to do–build squeeze pages, give away a free product, and drive traffic to the pages. It sounded simple enough.

Well, it did not turn out to be that easy. People do not always want to give up their email address because they have gotten bombarded by so many marketers wanting them to join their lists. In niches other than internet marketing, the public is not as familiar with list building and are guarded about giving away their email address.

Then there are the giveaways. Yes, you do get some people on your list, but are they potential buyers? They wanted the free products that were being given away but do they want to dip into their pockets.

I do not want to sound too pessimistic, but it does take some serious technique to build a good responsive list. My friend and mentor Geoff Shaw talks very convincingly about the benefit of having a small responsive list rather than a large list of names. Learn the strategies that work better and put together that small responsive list. Email marketing is important to your Internet Marketing success.

You’ll Discover Basic Strategies That You Can Use To Build Your Own Lucrative Mailing List,
So That You Can Use Email Marketing To Effectively Promote Your Business,
Products And Services!

Yes, that is my headline to my Squeeze Page. There is a great five day course on List Building available to you.

Learn List Building now and get started on your path to making money now.

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February 24th, 2010 at 6:14 pm

Product Creation

Think IM

Think IM

All right! I believe you. The way to become a big success is through product creation. What a wicked wild ride I have found it to be.

First, I went looking for an idea for a product. I wanted to make sure that I picked a topic that I thought would sell well. I did all the market research and was pretty sure that I had located some markets of hungry buyers. That’s right, I decided to do more than one product.

Several reasons for this and if you knew me better, you would understand that this is the usual way that I do things. I am very creative but I bore easily so I prefer to be able to work on more than one product at a time. I also thought it was a good idea to test more than one niche market.

Next, I went looking for the PLR I have stored on my hard drive related to the subject. Once I set up three separate folders, one for each product, I moved the appropriate material to each of these folders. I also printed out the best material for each of the products so that I could read and highlight the information I might want to include. I began to construct an outline for each of the topics. Then I went and did my own research to find material that I felt should be included and would enhance the existing ideas presented in the PLR. Fortunately, I chose topics with which I was very familiar and could infuse my products with a lot of my own knowledge and experience.

Once I had the outlines pretty firm, I began to decide on a name and think about marketing the product. I also went shopping for a graphic designer to help me design the minisite template and ecovers for the digital ebook. Because I was new to selecting a designer, I decided to use three different designers. Boy, what an experience. Each one of the designers got a rough draft back to me in less than 24 hours. One nailed it and there wasn’t much to do, but make a few suggestions and thank him.

The others were a bit more of a chore. One was dead wrong on the first try, but with a little direction, it came together pretty quickly. The last one was a different story. I ended up sending photographs for him to use and pulled the design out of him step by step. It turned out usable, but it was never perfect. I really got a crash course in working with designers and how to give them instructions. I would work with all three of them again and I am glad that I have more than 1 designer to call on. They sometimes get busy I am told and the turnaround time gets longer when that happens.

One of the main things I discovered is that the time it takes varies greatly and that you should be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your graphics together. I also learned to be very specific about explaining the sizes of the banners, etc.

While I waited for the graphics, I finished writing the three products and getting them ready to sell. The only questions I had while writing was how long should the manuscript be. How long is too long? I tend to be thorough and my ebooks came out a little longer than some others I have seen. Oh, well, my buyers will get their money’s worth. I have heard some people mention the shortness of people’s attention span. I hope this does not cause me a problem.

Because I plan to create products on a regular basis, I know for sure that it would be a good idea to outsource the chores you do not like. However, I am very glad that I took the time to build the squeeze pages and sales pages for the first time myself. One of the best things I did was to study John Hostler’s copywriting tips and learn the technique he calls “chunk copy.” After writing the copy for the first product, the second and third came much easier. Now I feel much more comfortable throwing together a sales page and feel I could repeat it again and again.

Writing the manuscript and creating the product was the easiest part of the project for me. I labored over creating the affiliate tools page and all of the other pages that I needed on the sales pages. Don’t get me wrong. It was not hard–just boring.

Submitting to Clickbank and making sure that I had followed their requiirements wasn’t too bad. I am sure that using CB is definitely the way to go to relieve me of having to keep track of affiliate payments and other bookkeeping necessities.

Now doesn’t it sound like a lot to do. Would you believe this is just the beginning? Now you have to send traffic to your squeeze and sales pages. You have to test and track so that you can tweak them to make them as highly effective as they can be. It is so important to make sure that they are highly converting. As you can see the work and fun really starts now. The fun part is making money when you get your sales rolling in.

Oh, and did I mention that you have to go and find affiliates to help you sell your products? That is one of the most important parts of the Product Creation System.

O.K. now you know the rest of the story. Wish me success, because I am working hard to make it happen.

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